Lucy Bain


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I enjoy working with others to produce a better outcome. Facilitating discussions, coordinating different streams of work, and making sure our features meet quality standards means the team can ship better features faster. I want to connect people with stretch projects so they can learn more and progress their career. Finally, I strive to give frequent, timely feedback so team members can adjust quickly and continue to improve.


Atlassian (Bitbucket Server)

Team Lead
March 2017 - current
  • Grew a team from four to eight developers (a mix of front and backend developers)
  • Encouraged professional growth and career development of team members by giving frequent feedback, coordinating stretch opportunities, and connecting weekly
  • Transitioned team from Kanban to Scrum practices to improve estimations and delivery reliability
  • Collaborated with the product manager and designers to define and clarify features including project level admin, personal access tokens, and filtering repositories

Atlassian (Bitbucket Server)

Feb 2015 - March 2017

JavaScript (ES6), Less, React, Redux, Closure Templates, QUnit

  • Built the front end for features such as a repo importer, personal dashboards, and refactored code for notifications
  • Lead the development of the tags feature by working with designers and backend developers as well as implementing the front end
  • Introduced pair programming as a method to share things we learned, decrease time for code review, and spread knowledge about the codebase, and quality expectations
  • Organised and ran many diversity efforts, including facilitating mentor rings for women, holding events to foster a sense of community

Split It Inc.

Web Developer
May 2013 - Feb 2015

Ruby on Rails, RSpec, MongoDB, JS, CSS

  • Developed primarily on the backend for client facing sites (both our own and white labeling)
  • Designed RESTful APIs for consumption by our sites, additionally worked on gems to consume the APIs by the sites
  • Wrote unit, integration, and acceptance tests for code to improve long term maintainability
  • Designed and implemented denormalised data structures (using Mongoid and MongoDB)
  • Pair programmed to discover, implement, and communicate code standards among the team
  • Enforced quality standards in code reviews to catch bugs early and encourage refactoring to minimize technical debt

AVOS Systems, Inc.

Backend Web Developer
Nov 2011 - May 2013

Ruby on Rails, RSpec, JS, Python, Django

  • Developed new features in Ruby on Rails and Python for multiple web apps including
  • Learned Ruby on Rails on the job when the company moved away from Python and Django


Software Engineer Intern
July - Oct 2011

C++, Objective-C

  • Built new features for our next release and saw them through QA
  • Developed a prototype iPhone application to transfer data asynchronously using Objective-C, and process that data with the company’s C++ library


University of Mary Washington

BSc Comp Sci, Honors
Aug 2007 - May 2011

For my honors project:

  • Researched and improved knowledge search for scholarly articles with a team
  • Authored and presented final thesis for departmental honors



Women Who Code, Rails Girls
April 2014 - current
  • Coordinated Rails Girls workshops for 40+ attendees and 15+ mentors, including finding sponsors, a venue, and mentors, advertising for applicants, and providing food and drinks
  • Developed, documented, and mentored future leaders in the process for organising a Rails Girls event
  • Hosted or ran over 15 workshops for Women Who Code, including a workshop to come up with conference proposals and open sourced the worksheet (

Study groups

Leader, Mentor
February 2014 - November 2016
  • Created and led a group to practice JavaScript that attracted 40 registrations (
  • Led an introduction to programming course in Python (
  • Organised study groups for more advanced Python, debugging, and interview practice
  • Implemented an incentive based payment system to encourage members to attend

Public speaking

August 2014 - current
  • Opened KiwiPyCon 2016 with a keynote presentation for over 150 attendees on “What’s holding you back from connecting with others?” at Kiwi PyCon (
  • “Meet Git” - an introduction to Git for a non-technical audience given at Atlassian Design week (
  • “Lessons from a study group” given at PyCon Australia (
  • Gave regular presentations at the local General Assembly on Git and my experience being a programmer
  • Lead workshops and introduced events frequently as part of Women Who Code and Rails Girls