Attending Vogue Codes

Published on: October 15, 2016

Tags: conference and women in tech

A couple weeks ago I was invited to attend Vogue Codes, an event for women in technology. I was lucky enough that my boss let me have the day off with almost no warning (thanks boss, and thanks Atlassian!). I was again lucky that my coworker told me she was going to wear a dress for the event, so I wore one too - this is the first tech conference where I would have felt weird wearing jeans and sneakers!

Atlassian team!

Overall impressions

Such a pretty venue

So many women

Notes from the talks

The future is being written in lines of code by Kathryn Parsons

Art vs Science: why can’t we all just get along? with Nikki Durkin, Naomi Shepherd, Melanie Perkins

Art vs Science

ABCs to CSS: solving the technology question with education with Ethy Levy, Dave Curran, Annie Parker, Verity Firth


The fashion technologist: solving the style question with technology with Amber Venz Box

The career disruption: reinvent your own career with Canna Campbell, Georgie Abay, Alyce Tran, Alice Brennan

Technology: why not women? With Aubrey Blanche, Anastasia Cammaroto, Alisa Bowen, Mikaela Jade

Why not women?

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