Ela Conf - day two

Published on: November 5, 2016

Tags: conference and women in tech

We started with a light breakfast and moved right into the talks. Again, so many positive vibes and happy voices. Everyone is clearly excited to be here!

We started off with some stories from the organisers about how they got into tech and why they decided to work with Ela Conf. It's always nice to hear people’s stories and better understand where the conference comes from.

Welcome to day two!

Five things I Leared About Leadership from my Son, by Mary Scotton

  1. Get your hands dirty - be completely involved in, and committed to, your work. Other people will notice that you’re willing to get shit done.
  2. Break the rules - a.k.a. don’t do what your told. Your job isn’t just to do what you’re told, it’s to think, make considered decisions, and build good stuff.
  3. Go to coffee - spending authentic time with people (in and out of work) builds community and your network. Make an effort to keep moving relationships forward.
  4. Respect other perspectives - as a leader, it’s your job to make work a safe place to share different ideas. This is related to gender/race/etc. diversity, but it’s more about diversity of thought and allowing others to open up.
  5. Be you - if you’re holding yourself back you’re not able to fully do the above and connect with people.

Never Accept the First Offer, by Tiberius Hefflin

The Respect Effect, by Timirah James

Get yourself a squad!, by Nicole Zhu

Mulan’s Squad

Leadership and management (panel)

Resources mentioned:

The Value of “I Don’t Know”, by Elise Wei

It’s not you, it’s them. What next?, by Ruthie Floats

It’s not you

Getting Involved and Giving Back As A Beginner, by Lisa Yoder

Take up space: claiming your place in tech, by Adrienne Lowe

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