Ela Conf - day one

Published on: November 4, 2016

Tags: conference and women in tech

Friday night was for talks and Lightning Talks. It was pretty quick, 7-8:30 or so, but a great way to meet some of my fellow attendees and kick off the good vibes for the evening. Props to the organisers who required all of the lightning talk presenters to send their slides in a couple hours before tonight started - that extra bit of planning made the evening so much smoother.


Build Your Community to Build Your Career, by Eleanor Whitney

5 Ways to Increase Your Influence, by Elizabeth Brown

  1. Reciprocity - if you help someone they’re more likely to help you in the future
  2. Liking principle - people want to help people they like
  3. Ben Franklin Effect - getting a rejection, probably means you’ll get a yes from them in the future.
  4. Scarcity - make it clear that you’re not permanently available
  5. Body language - project confidence

More information from Influence: science and practice.

Increasing influence

Angry Black Woman, by Brittany Canty

Being angry is ok

5 Stages of Accepting Negative Feedback, by Jessica Hall

  1. Denial - there’s no way that’s true.
  2. Anger - why don’t they get it?
  3. Consideration - maybe they’ve got a point, or we were wrong; is there a pattern or was it a once off?
  4. Panic - how do you actually improve? How do you improve fast enough?
  5. Excitement - yay! You know more, and things can get better!

Seek out negative feedback, and thank the people who have the courage to give it to you.

Scope Creep: Keep It From Creeping Up On You, by Angelina Simms

Shaving my head made me a better programmer, by Alex Qin

No hair == better programmer

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