Algorithms study group

Published on: January 28, 2015

Tags: algorithms and study group

Last year I ran two study groups, one for JS and one for intro to programming. I also gave a talk about starting a study group at Girl Geek Dinner. I was thrilled when my friend Daphne decided to organise a group on her own to study algorithms.

The course we're going through is Princeton’s intro to algorithms, and it is hard! It started a few days ago, and just getting through the lectures took quite some time. But it’s really interesting. I’m keeping my notes online so I can share them with anyone interested. This blog post doesn’t have a lot of content, but I promise the link to my notes does. The course has been keeping me pretty busy, so I figured I should get at least one blog post up about it!

Many thanks to Daphne, and here’s to more learning in 2015!

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