Lucy Bain


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I love learning a concept and understanding how it fits together in the larger picture. To gain a better view of the full stack I'm moving away from back end development and focusing on front end challenges. I'm interested in writing what the user interacts with and making sure they have an wonderful experience. I'm looking for a company focused on quality and a position where I can explore new problems and come up with creative solutions.


Atlassian (Bitbucket Server)

Feb 2015 - current

JavaScript (ES6), Less, React, Redux, Closure Templates, QUnit

  • Built the front end for features such as a repo importer, personal dashboards, and refacted code for notifications
  • Lead the development of the tags feature which involved working with designers and the backend developers to stay on track as well as implementing the feature in the front end
  • Introduced pair programming as a method to share things we learned, decrease time for code review, and spread knowledge about the codebase, quality expectations, and learn who to ask which questions
  • Organised and ran many diversity efforts, including facilitating mentor rings for women, holding events to foster a sense of community, and empowering other women to take ownership of these efforts to make them self-sustaining

Split It Inc.

Web Developer
May 2013 - Feb 2015

Ruby on Rails, RSpec, MongoDB, JS, CSS

  • Developed primarily on the backend for client facing sites (both our own and white labeling)
  • Designed RESTful APIs for consumption by our sites, additionally worked on gems to consume the APIs by the sites
  • Wrote unit, integration, and acceptance tests for code to improve long term maintainability
  • Designed and implemented denormalised data structures (using Mongoid and MongoDB)
  • Pair programmed to discover, implement, and communicate code standards among the team
  • Enforced quality standards in code reviews to catch bugs early and encourage refactoring to minimize technical debt

AVOS Systems, Inc.

Backend Web Developer
Nov 2011 - May 2013

Ruby on Rails, RSpec, JS, Python, Django

  • Developed new features in Ruby on Rails and Python for multiple web apps including
  • Learned Ruby on Rails on the job when the company moved away from Python and Django


Software Engineer Intern
July - Oct 2011

C++, Objective-C

  • Built new features for our next release and saw them through QA
  • Developed a prototype iPhone application to transfer data asynchronously using Objective-C, and process that data with the company's C++ library


University of Mary Washington

BSc Comp Sci, Honors
Aug 2007 - May 2011

For my honors project:

  • Researched and improved knowledge search for scholarly articles with a team
  • Authored and presented final thesis for departmental honors



Women Who Code, Rails Girls
April 2014 - current
  • Coordinated Rails Girls workshops for 40+ attendees and 15+ mentors, including finding sponsors, a venue, and mentors, advertising for applicants, and providing food and drinks
  • Developed, documented, and mentored future leaders in the process for organising a Rails Girls event
  • Hosted or ran over 15 workshops for Women Who Code, including a workshop to come up with conference proposals and open sourced the worksheet (

Study groups

Leader, Mentor
February 2014 - current
  • Created and led a group to practice JavaScript that attracted 40 registrations (
  • Led an introduction to programming course in Python (
  • Organised study groups for more advanced Python, debugging, and interview practice
  • Implemented an incentive based payment system to encourage members to attend

Public speaking

August 2014 - current
  • Opened KiwiPyCon 2016 with a keynote presentation for over 150 attendees on “What’s holding you back from connecting with others?” at Kiwi PyCon (
  • “Meet Git” - an introduction to Git for a non-technical audience given at Atlassian Design week (
  • “Lessons from a study group” given at PyCon Australia (
  • Gave regular presentations at the local General Assembly on Git and my experience being a programmer
  • Lead workshops and introduced events frequently as part of Women Who Code and Rails Girls